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Client Quotes

"You can really have it all. I was quickly able to build a fully functional commercial web site using the easy-to-use templates with Slide Shows, Image Maps, Fully Functional Search Engine, Pay Pal Shopping Cart and more! Highly Recomended. Tremendous Value. Superb, Knowledgeable Technical Support."

Don Fourtner
Direct Marketer
Not everyone is a professional web designer. Yet most people want a website that looks professional and is a pleasure to visit but perhaps don't have the time to build an online presence from scratch. LowPriceBuilder offers a simple, quick and powerful solution.

The LowPriceBuilder uses professionally pre-designed templates to form an attractive framework for you to add your own content. In just 9 simple steps you can now have a stunning website. And each step is introduced, explained and executed in your own browser window so no software installation is required.

Step 1: Choose a Design
Click on a design.
30 are shown but over 200 are available inside.
You can change designs anytime.

Step 2: Choose Pages
Name up to 5 pages in your site.
Add more later any time.

Step 3: Choose a Domain, Enter Signup Info
Choose a site name.
Enter sign up information.
You're done!

Over 172,000 websites have already been built using it. Most of these sites were built by people who have little internet experience and some by people who have such limited computer experience they only knew how to use their mouse.

Top 10 Benefits of low price builder
500 everything!
Easy Shopping Cart
Easy Photo Albums
Easy Links Page
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